About Us

At Indus we don’t just sell hair: we add value to the lives of our customers. Our tagline- Enriched Living- reflects this company value as we believe that providing our customers with high quality hair is just one of the main objectives of our relationship with them.

Because all of us at Indus believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best, we put ourselves in their shoes and researched how we can make sure our customers get the best value for their money. We discovered that substandard processes and unethical practices in the hair industry not only prevent good quality hair from reaching the end users but also rip them off in the shape of unnecessary costs. To prevent this from happening to our customers, we decided to manage our entire hair supply chain ourselves- from securing the hair and processing it to delivering it right into your hands.

Now Indus can proudly say that not only do we use 100% ethically sourced high quality hair for all our products (including hair extensions, i-tip and U-tip hair extensions, clip-on Hair Extensions) but also distribute them ourselves globally adhering to the highest possible operation standards.

At Indus, we have created a system that benefits everyone involved: our customers, our stakeholders, our people and our community. And maintaining this balance is our top priority.

Our hard work in creating and delivering high quality hair products through world-class environmentally friendly procedures is rewarded in the form of our thousands of happy customers.

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