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      • Virgin Remy Clip On Curly Hair Extensions

        • Now it's easy to have the hair you always wanted with 100% Virgin Human Hair Clip-In Extensions. Change yourself in a minute.
        • This Clip-In extension is so fast and easy you can attach it yourself in your own home. Easy rubber gripped toupee clips hold the hair extension firmly in place and can be taken in or out in minutes.
        • Thin hair becomes thick and full. Short hair becomes long and glamorous! You can add highlights of color and create a whole new look
        • AFFORDABLE & LIGHT WEIGHT: You can have this long and luxurious human hair for a fraction of expensive hair extensions cost.
        • Choose Indus curly hair for a look that helps you standout and really make an impression! Our glorious curls let you emulate all your favorite Hollywood icons while adding plenty of spunk and style! and if you want to tone it down, you can always use a straight iron to make it flat. Wash it to get the waves back the way you love them.
        • 100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair donated by devotees in the temples of India. Please see our blog to get a better understanding of our hair collection and manufacturing.
        • Each pack has 100-110g of hair (3.5 OZ to 3.8 OZ). For shorter lengths below 16" please get 2 packs of hair for a full head. You can always purchase an extra pack for more fuller looking head of hair. It is recommended to purchase 3-4 packs of hair for lengths above 18".
          • 8", 10", 12" packs have 3-8" wide, 3-6" wide, 4-4" wide and 5-1.5" wide
          • 14",16",18" packs have 2-8" wide, 2-6" wide, 3-4" wide and 5-1.5" wide,
          • 20",22",24" packs have 1-8" wide, 2-6" wide, 2-4" wide and 5-1.5" wide
          • 26",28",30",32" packs have 1-8" wide, 1-6" wide, 2-4" wide and 5-1.5" wide

        Texture: We provide Indian hair texture in its natural form in addition to the Brazilian, Eurasian, Malaysian and Peruvian textures.

        Pattern:We provide Natural Curly, Deep Curly and Kinky Curly in their natural form and Beach Curly and Jackson Curly styles using steam perm to give you the style of your choice.

        Colors: Comes in natural dark tones ranging from Off black to Medium brown. Color preferences are subject to availability. (We can provide custom colors that are listed. We will  try to match your color preference as far as possible, but this cannot always be guaranteed)

        Types: Machine sewn weft or hand tied weft are available. Machine sewn wefts are stronger but slightly bulkier, when laid against the scalp. Hand Tied wefts are thin but come in smaller sizes. Our machine sewn wefts are triple stitched for strength and durability on a three head machine and then folded over and stitched in between the stitches with a single headed machine for durability.

        The prices shown are MSRP. If you are an importer/distributor/Salon/Independent Professional/ Retail Store. Please register and send us your business license to get the coupon code to get your exclusive pricing.

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Try not to apply any form of chemical to the hair. (When the hair gets tangled, there is no other chemical that can detangle it. Rather than applying chemical, please spray water and try to comb or run fingers through the hair.)


When the hair is tangled or difficult to brush, try to wash off foreign substances. *Straight Pattern: Brush your hair and wrap it with a silk scarf. Use silk pillow case to protect the hair. *Curly Pattern: Use sleep cap along with silk pillow case. In order to preserve style, hair should be wrapped, braided, twisted, rolled or pin curled according to the texture to prevent tangling. Never sleep on loose, wet hair. Cotton pillow cases can dry out the hair. We recommend sleeping wearing a satin scarf


In order to maintain healthy, conditioned hair we recommend washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner once a week or every other week. (We recommend that you de-tangle all of your hair before washing it). It is suggested that you visit your stylist regularly to have your hair and extensions shampooed, especially when wearing a sewn-in installation. It is critical that hair is properly cleansed and dried. If you wash your hair once a week – Spray water first and apply “Leave-in conditioner or Serum.” If you wash your hair once every two weeks – You must wash your hair with water thoroughly once a week and constantly apply Leave-In conditioner, Serum or moisturizing lotion to maintain its moisture.

Hair extensions should not be handled rigorously and should always be shampooed in a downward motion. Keep styling products to a minimum to prevent weighing down the hair.

The shampoo gently cleanses, replenishes vital moisture, and maximizes shine. The conditioner provides hydration without weighing down the hair.

Coconut oil may be used as a deep conditioning treatment to maintain the smooth and lustrous texture of the hair. It also works for heat protection. Use a dime size before blow drying, flat ironing or curling. Deep Conditioning Treatments should be done at least once a month or once every other week depending on the condition of the hair. Maintenance of the hair is periodically needed because no matter how healthy the hair might be, the hair and scalp tends to become damaged due to frequent usage of thermal heated iron and from the impact of heavy chemicals.


*Steam processed Wave and Curl patterns of virgin Indian hair give you instant styling option. Due to the truly unique and innovative steam curling process, we do not recommend straightening any texture in this collection that has a wave or curl pattern. A curling wand/iron may be used at a low temperature to blend with natural hair or define the waves. To revitalize wave pattern: Spray with water; Use paddle brush to detangle; Distribute products such as Curl defining crème, spray, mousse, etc. evenly; Scrunch; Allow to air dry or use diffuser for more volume. Handling the hair during the drying process can cause frizzy hair. If a fuller look is desired, wait until hair is completely dry to manipulate. Please note: Curl defining products are more effective when applied to wet hair. Mix these products with coconut oil to maintain softness and manageability. During the initial shampoo and brushing, steam set hair is prone to strand release. Strand release involves the detachment of loose hair during the steam process. This loose hair will separate from the wave/curl-set during the initial shampoo and brushing. This is normal due to the manipulation of the cuticle during the steaming process. Relaxed straight coarse texture becomes more sleek when blow dried and flat ironed. We recommend using a high temperature setting when curling due to the coarseness of this texture.


Indus Virgin Temple Hair is the purest form and the best virgin Indian hair in the Indian market, completely natural and untouched. Since the hair in this has not been altered in any way, it has the ability to be manipulated with any hot tool and return to its natural state from a flat ironed stated or curled state. Texture allows for long-lasting curls. Returns to its original wave pattern after every shampoo and condition. To define waves/curls: : Spray with water; Use paddle brush to detangle; Distribute products such as Curl defining crème, spray, mousse, etc. evenly; Scrunch; Allow to air dry or use diffuser for more volume. Handling the hair during the drying process can cause frizzy hair. If a fuller look is desired, wait until hair is completely dry to manipulate. Please note: Curl defining products are more effective when applied to wet hair. Mix these products with coconut oil to maintain softness and manageability.


Indus Virgin Temple Hair when colored produces very high quality colored hair. It is the best colored hair in the market. It can be worn in a multitude of styles. Our colored hair goes through a special 1 to 2 day color process depending on the color. It is done in multiple steps to protect the hair. Since the hair has already been color treated, additional processing can compromise the integrity of the hair. Use Sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner to prevent color fading.  You may experience some light shedding due to thinness of the hair. To help reduce this, have your stylist apply Weft Sealer prior to installation.


Our array of innovative, quick and easy to apply hair pieces (clipin extensions, fishnet clips, bangs, ponytails etc;) that allow you to change your look effortlessly without the commitment. When shampooing and conditioning these pieces, bind together at the top with a rubber band.  Depending on the texture of your own hair, you may want to tease, flat twist, or braid to provide an anchor for the clips.  Due to the nature of this product and the clips that are attached, we do not recommend that you sleep with these pieces. Bangs have a silk base, which allows for a more realistic look. However, please refrain from tugging or pulling as it may cause strand release. Avoid excessive use of conditioners at the base.


Indus Fusion Hair is virgin hair with patented keratin pre-bonded onto the hair. This hair is layered and provides a natural look for individuals looking for blended volume, color and length.  Straightens easily with a flat iron. Texture allows for long-lasting curls. Returns to its original wave pattern after every shampoo and condition. Use Sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner to prevent breaking down keratin bonds. To remove bonds from your hair (applied using hot fusion or shrinkable tubing techniques), we suggest using a good Bond Remover. Shampoo and deep condition your natural hair immediately after removing tips to avoid drying out your hair.


 Closures and Frontals have a lace base, which allows for a realistic look. Please refrain from excessive tugging, scratching, or pulling on the hair as strands of hair may be released from the base.  Applying shampoo or conditioner near the base of your unit may cause the delicate workmanship to unravel.

Repair:  If you are experiencing balding or thin areas in your Frontal or Closure, please seek a professional who specializes in re-ventilation. Re-ventilation is a process that involves adding more hair to balding or thin areas. A specialist can also repair tears in the lace, add hair, or even replace lace where it has been worn out.


INDUS hair is 100% virgin hair; therefore it can be dyed, bleached, relaxed or permed. We strongly recommend that all chemical alterations be done professionally. Prior to any chemical alterations, a strand test should be performed. Be aware that performing these services can change the texture and/or pattern of the hair. Indus colored hair has undergone an innovative 1 to 2 day coloring process. Since this hair has already been color-treated, additional processing can compromise the integrity of the hair. Note that relaxing, perming, coloring, lifting or otherwise processing of Indus hair voids ALL EXCHANGE AND REPLACEMENT guarantees.


 It is perfectly fine to swim with extension hair, but remember that chlorine and salt water is damaging to the hair. Please follow the following  precautions: Comb or brush through hair; Apply a leave-in conditioner to hair to act as a protective layer;  Braiding hair may help to prevent tangling;  Afterwards thoroughly shampoo and condition hair.


Cold and extremely dry weather conditions can cause hair to appear brittle. Moisturize hair more frequently. We recommend daily use of coconut oil. Exposure to the sun may cause a slight change in color in both natural and chemically colored hair.


Hair tends to swell when exposed to extreme heat and humidity especially heavily textured hair such as those with a curl or wave pattern. Use a small amount of product to control and define the texture.  It may be necessary to deep condition more frequently.

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